The Fund For Women in ill health

Common Questions



Q. Is it possible to get funding for my husband from Margaret's Fund? He is unwell.

A. Unfortunately no. Margaret's Fund is here to help women only.


Q. Are any cash awards available from Margaret's Fund?

A. Margaret's always makes payments by cheque only, and the cheque is only ever made to the Caring Professional's organisation.


Q. Are all women eligible for funding?

A. Only women in the UK who are suffering from illness - and only poor women in the UK.


Q. How do you define poor?

A. There are questions on the application form which help us to understand your income.


Q. How do I actually apply for money from Margaret's Fund?

A. You need to do this through a Caring Professional such as a doctor, a nurse, a charity worker or a social worker. They simply go to the "apply for funding" page and fill in an online form on your behalf.